Imaging and Mailing

  • Statements
  • Invoices
  • Collection Letters
  • Marketing Promotions
  • Personalized Documents

Our project design teams work with our clients to provide custom solutions for a wide range of markets and applications. We will accept our client's digital files, convert them to a more user friendly and effective format, image the document, insert and mail it. Our strategy is to reduce our clients' total costs, and speed the message to the end user. If desired, our consulting group will work from the needs analysis phase to the product and data distribution stage. Our extensive knowledge in database management, page layout tools, and investment in digital processes enable Partners to tailor a solution for almost any situation and any target market. Custom solutions do not equate to unjustified expense at Partners, merely a challenge to put our considerable technical expertise to work for our client.

Our imaging and mailing expertise lies in the applications we refer to as "high integrity" mailings. These documents represent the most critical communications our clients have with their customers. Frequently our clients' cash flow is entrusted to Partners, because of our ability to positively ensure that the documents are sent, correctly addressed to their customers, and delivered on time. Because of the required investments in changing technology and postal regulations, it is becoming more attractive for medium sized organizations to outsource their "high integrity" mailings to a company that specializes in that process. Partners provides the security needed to confidently outsource these critical communications. For a more detailed explanation of our internal control processes, click on C.O.P.S.