Company Overview

Print Management Partners was founded on a dream in December, 1995. The founders believed that they could create a company that was owned by the employees, was able to supply clients with superior service, was profitable, and was a fun place to work. Partners has come a long way toward realizing that dream in a short time. Today we are 100% owned by our employees, we have continued to add new customers without losing others, we have been profitable since the first year, and we are having fun. In order for companies to be successful in today's highly competitive environment, many of our most successful clients believe that they require a system that allows their employees to focus in on their core competency, confident that they can outsource tasks that others hold as their specialty. Print Management Partners has built a well-deserved reputation as such a partner to our clients.

Partners has grown to include two offices in the Chicago area, plus St. Louis, MO, Des Moines, IA, Cleveland, OH, Columbus, OH, and Kansas City, KS. In addition to these seven offices, more will be added in midwestern cities as we identify qualified candidates. We will continue to add new Partners to the firm to increase our opportunities for all employees. Print Management Partners is already one of the largest print distributors in the Midwest. We specialize in long term relationships, based on understanding our clients' business, and helping them manage all of their printed business communications. Among the many products we provide to our clients, are: operating forms, advertising materials, statement rendering, labeling systems, and financial documents. Our industry has evolved from simply printing and distributing a customer's order. We now can manage a company's entire printing and digital publishing workflow.

Partners has embraced new printing and information management technologies. We have selected specialized suppliers who are capable of delivering the newest digital technologies available. We also invest in training for our people so they can maximize the value of technology. Customers rely on our people to improve the way their printed business communications are printed, distributed, and managed. Partners is a full service provider for customers requiring quick response, fulfillment capabilities, quality improvement compliance programs, and multiple distribution channels for print or digital output.

What is our job?

We are successful when we do 20 little things right.

  1. Arrive on time for appointments and meetings.
  2. Ask thoughtful questions.
  3. Listen to the answers.
  4. Understand the customers needs.
  5. Make well-reasoned suggestions, as if we were spending our own money.
  6. Follow up as promised.
  7. Design the product to satisfy all of the customer's needs.
  8. Select the right plant to produce the job.
  9. Communicate the specifications to the plant correctly.
  10. Ensure that the job ships on time.
  11. Ensure that the job ships to the correct location.
  12. Ensure that the product is packaged and labeled correctly.
  13. Ensure that the job works as the customer intended.
  14. Bill the job correctly.
  15. Ensure that the customer never runs out of product.
  16. Ensure that we have sufficient support staff for the amount of work we enjoy.
  17. Ensure that the staff is properly trained.
  18. Pay our bills on time.
  19. Plan for our growth.
  20. Always tell the truth.