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Who are these People?

"You will know us by the values we keep."

More important than the products and services we provide, more valuable than the skills of our people, are the values by which we daily make our decisions. Listed below are the defining values that we use to conduct our business. This says more about who we are than anything else you will read on these pages.
  1. Honesty, respect and fairness with everyone
  2. Unquestioning trust in each other
  3. Personal caring about each other
  4. Open communications with each other
  5. Pursuit of the best long term outcome
  6. E.S.O.P. - Selfless commitment to shared goals
  7. Collegial decision making
  8. Entrepreneurial risk taking
  9. Rewards for performance
  10. Customers validate our decisions
  11. Having fun

Who Are We?

  • We are a company that designs and sells business communications solutions.
  • We are most successful at developing long-term, intimate relationships with our clients.
  • We are made up of leaders, who share in the benefits and responsibilities of ownership.
  • We are a meritocracy.